Javier Zanetti: Skinny Striker Who has been An All-Time Legendary Defender

This man with three sons, whose full name is Javier Adelmar Zanetti, was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina on August 10, 1973. The footballer who almost joined Manchester United at the beginning of his career finally spent 19 years of mass devotion with Internazionale Milano. With 15 seasons of them passed as captain.

Zanetti stopped playing football at the age of 41 as a full-back by presenting 16 titles including 5 Scudetto, 4 Italian Super Cups, 4 Coppa Italia, 1 champions league, 1 Club World Cup and 1 UEFA Cup.

Recorded 858 matches, 21 goals, two decades, and glory, has been presented by Javier Zanetti for his lover, Inter Milan. Even when he declared himself retired in 2014, he did not leave his heart. At present, Zanetti serves as Inter’s Vice President.

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Mark Viduka & Four Historic Goals Against Liverpool

The decade of the 2000s was arguably the era of the glory of the Australian national team in world football. Rule the Oceania Cup, appear in the World Cup, and enter the quarter-finals of the 2007 Asian Cup, which was the first Asian tournament they participated in. Being a sweet achievement of the land of kangaroos.

Australia is known to have a strong reputation in soccer. However, the last time they competed in the world cup occurred in 1974 in West Germany, after the new millennium and they joined as members of the AFC, the 2006 world cup was their first.

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The Competition between Diego Milito & Gabriel Milito: Families Who Became Enemies

One of the most famous siblings in football is Diego and Gabriel Milito. The last week of May 2016, in Argentina’s Primera Division match marked the retirement of 36-year-old Diego Milito.

Not far from Buenos Aires, Gabriel Milito, Diego’s younger brother was appointed manager of Club Atlético Independiente. For a moment, one of the most attractive soccer sibling pairs returned to where it all started.

Born in Bernal, Argentina, Diego first saw the beauty of the world on June 12, 1979, while Gabriel came to the surface 15 months later on September 7, 1980. These two children were transformed into boys who liked to play football.

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The Day When Manchester United Visited Hell

As a big club full of achievements, Manchester United certainly has a long history in the world soccer stage. No exception in the Champions League. In addition to the achievements that have been made, touching moments and even tense events have been experienced by Manchester United.

One of the unforgettable moments of the Red Devils fans was the events of the 1993/94 Champions League, which became the second season of the most prestigious club events in Europe after the format change.

On November 3, 1993, Man United traveled to the headquarters of the Turkish club, Galatasaray to undergo a second leg match of the second round of the Champions League. Something was surprising when the red devil team first set foot in the city of Istanbul.

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Romario and Bebeto: Brazil’s Deadly duet in the 90s which born out of competition

The decade of the 90s became one of the golden years of the Brazilian national team in the world soccer scene. At that time, the samba team performed in two top world cup matches, the first in 1994 in the United States and the second in 1998 in France.

Special for the 1994 world cup, they even ended as winners. At that time, the samba team defeated Italy through a shootout after Roberto Baggio as the last kicker Gli Azzuri failed to fulfill his duties.

Apart from tactician Carlos Alberto Pereira, other Brazilian heroes at the 1994 world cup were Romario and Bebeto. Both are positioned as attackers, they are a duet in the front lines of the Samba team when they travel in the United States.

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How Can Carles Puyol Learn to Maldini in Becoming a Great Defender?

Who does not know Carles Puyol, Barcelona legend and the Spanish national team has become one of the most respected players. Having the charisma and a high leadership spirit makes Puyol a perfect figure when he is on the field.

Although not actively playing, the name Puyol will always be remembered as one of the strongest defenders ever in the world. During the 18 years of his career, Puyol has produced many achievements both individually and for his club.

Puyol has even proved its quality by bringing Barcelona and the Spanish national team to win prestigious titles such as the Champions League and World Cup.

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Reminiscing MICHU, The Legend of the ‘One Season Wonder’ Player -How His Career Ruined

One season wonder players are not a phenomenon in English football. At least some players are labeled as a one-season wonder, including Roque Santa Cruz at Blackburn, Amr Zaki at Wigan Athletic, to Michu in Swansea City.

The last name might be the most remembered. Because many people say that Michu is a figure of one season wonder.

A typical celebration by shaking his hands next to his ears made Michu become one of the trendsetters in the English Premier League a few seasons ago, or rather in 2012 when playing for Swansea City.

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The Reasons That Make Diego Forlan Decided to Play Football and Willingly Leave Tennis

Football-lovers, Former Uruguay national team striker, Diego Forlan recently announced his retirement from the world of the skin round. The last club he defended was a Hong Kong club, Kitchee, with his last appearance in May 2018.

Throughout his career, Diego Forlan has been anchored to ten different clubs. He has recorded 274 goals in 698 appearances in all competitions during his 20-year professional career.

In his career, Diego Forlan was once the goal king in the Spanish league. He also won an award as the best player in the world cup in 2010. Together with the national team, Forlan has recorded 36 goals in 112 matches.

Diego Forlan was born 40 years ago or rather on May 19, 1979, in the capital of Uruguay, Montevideo. Forlan was born into a footballer family. The blood of football ran through Forlan’s body, remembering that his father was a soccer player.

His father, Pablo Forlan was the right-back of the Uruguay national team who won the Copa America title in 1967 who was coached by Forlan’s grandfather from his mother, Juan Carlos Corazzo.

As he grew up, Forlan had to live under the shadow of his parents’ success in the world of football. But he didn’t think too much about it and he didn’t even plan to become a soccer player following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather. The man whose full name is Diego Forlán Corazzo just wants to be a professional tennis player.

However, a change occurred when a car accident in 1991 struck his older sister, Alejandra and caused his sister’s boyfriend who was also involved in the accident died. The incident occurred when Forlan was 12 years old.

As a result of the accident, the brother had to get quite serious treatment. Forlan’s family fought hard to pay for the treatment until Diego Maradona, an Argentine who was also a close friend of Forlan’s father, donated to help the Forlan family pay for expensive medical care.

On that occasion, at that time also at the age of 12 years, Diego Forlan decided to dedicate his life to playing football to help his sick sister.

“The first thing he (Diego Forlan) told me when I lay in a hospital bed was that he would become a professional soccer player and make a lot of money to take me to the best doctor in the world,” said the brother at the time. (Quoted from the These Football Themes page)

Diego Forlan began his bid to become a professional footballer. Although he is talented in processing the round skin, he began to take football seriously at an older age than most other players, therefore, he must move quickly to catch up with other players.

Shortly after deciding to become a soccer player, Forlan immediately began his career by joining the Penarol youth team. He then moved to Danubio and Independiente.

In 1995, French club AS Nancy offered him a trial when he was 16 years old. But AS Nancy felt that Forlan needed to develop first and return it to Independiente.

Forlan finally made the debut of the senior team Independiente at the age of 18 years. he performed quite well in the four seasons there. By scoring 40 goals in 91 appearances, he attracted interest from several European clubs, one of which was Middlesbrough. They made an offer of 6.9 million, or around Rp. 100 billion, which would be repaid in 18 months. Independiente agreed to the offer and Forlan flew to England.

But on the other hand, the English giants Manchester United are also interested in bringing Forlan. The Red Devils offer the same as the full payment at the beginning along with a higher salary for Forlan. In 2002 Forlan finally decided to move to Manchester.

Together with United, his name slowly became known in mainland Europe, although he only scored a total of 17 goals in 98 appearances for the Red Devils for three and a half seasons. In 2004 Forlan joined Villareal, at this club he began to show his quality as a world-class Bomber. He was transformed into a great footballer.

After defending Villareal, Forlan then strengthened Atletico Madrid, Here Forlan performed neatly by scoring 96 goals in 196 appearances in all competitions in four years. In the 2008/09 season, he also became La Liga’s top scorer. Forlan won two trophies with Atletico namely the Europa League and the European Super Cup.

In 2011 Forlan Hengkang from Vicente Calderon. The next port for Forlan is Inter Milan, International, Cerezo Osaka, Penarol, Mumbai City and Kitchee. Except for Independiente and Inter Milan, Forlan always gives the trophy to the club he defends.

Meanwhile, his best career with the Uruguay national team was when he succeeded in continuing his family’s tradition by winning the Copa America 2011. Now, after no longer being a professional player, Diego Forlan will always be remembered as one of the best strikers of his time.

The Story of Ryan Giggs Who Become an Old Trafford Legend Thanks to the Milkman

The player whose full name is Ryan Josep Wilson or better known as Ryan Giggs has been recorded in the history of world football as one of the few players who faithfully defended a team throughout his career.

Ryan Giggs has spent 24 years traveling as the only soccer player with Manchester United. During this time, Giggs has always been the first choice of coach Sir Alex Ferguson.

During Ryan Giggs’s defense, Manchester United has reaped many titles, including 13 premier league trophies, 4 FA trophies, 3 league trophies, 9 Community Shields, 2 champions league trophies and each one world cup between clubs, super trophies Europe and intercontinental trophies.

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Obafemi Martins: The Fleas which Jack Up Italy and The Three Lions

Running like a flash to score goals and take acrobatic actions, that is the habit Obafemi Martins when appearing on the field. Born in the heart of the Nigerian capital, Lagos, Obafemi Martins often fills his free time by playing football.

Together with his peers, Martins formed a team to face each other. Usually, he plays without shoes, just like other children. At that time, it took up to two hours for him and his friends to score, that’s why he often celebrated goals as we know them today. The style of jumping up and down backward, like fleas, as a form of happiness, can score goals.

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