Bojan Krkic – The Next Lionel Messi, whose career has been sinking

At about 12 years ago, Bojan Krkic was popularly called as the next Lionel Messi in Barcelona; Bojan came to the surface after three years of the appearance of Lionel Messi in 2004. His height, playing style, and position are all the same, so no one can avoid the comparison between the two.

Bojan has skills, dribbles, and playing skills that are above the average of his age players. At the age of 15, Bojan became the top scorer of the 2006 Under-17 European Championship and a year later, he scored the decisive goal that put the Spanish national team won in the same tournament.

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Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s Most Controversial Statement for a Football Player

The former star of the Swedish national team who now strengthens LA Galaxy, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, recently criticized the United States league system or Major League Soccer. According to him, the system in MLS was very chaotic.

“I think the system is chaotic. How can you learn mentally if you only need to reach the playoffs?” Said Ibra.

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Reminiscing Wesley Sneijder: The Legend of Three Titles Collector Without Ballon D’or Title

The country of Windmills has donated a lot of greenfield celebrities. It was recorded that there are agile names like Arjen Robben, elegant predators such as Robin van Persie, to the charismatic midfielder named Wesley Sneijder.

Wesley Benjamin Sneijder was born on 9 June 1984 in Utrecht. Coming from the hometown of Total Football, the school founded by Rinus Michels and Johan Cruyff on the basis of talent, creativity, and discipline that continued into the 1980s with Marco van Basten, makes Wesley Sneijder unsurprisingly became one of the artists in this game.

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The Day when Lionel Messi Made Argentine Players Cry

It cannot be denied if Lionel Messi is one of the best players in history. Several trophies that filled his cupboard might continue to increase. Starting from the individual trophy to the trophy won by the club he defended. FC Barcelona proved that Messi should not be underestimated.

But it feels inappropriate if we only talk about the trophy at the club level since most people think that a great new player should have an extraordinary impact on the club and the country.

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Giovani Dos Santos: Ronaldinho’s Incarnation whose Career Sinking Into The World

At the end of the 2000s, several young players or “wonder-kid” appeared and were expected to become big players. But they were unable to meet the expectations. Besides Bojan Krkic, Marko Marin, and Federico Macheda, another name that fails to shine next is Giovani Dos Santos.

This Mexican player is a product of the Barcelona academy, Giovani studied at La Masia since 2002. In the 2007/08 season, he played in the Barcelona team with big names like Ronaldinho, Thierry Henry, and Lionel Messi. Well, at that time Giovani was considered to be shining with the big names earlier.

The player who was physically similar to Ronaldinho has an extraordinary talent. He has speed, skill, and creativity. Moreover, Giovani can also play several offensive positions. Yet, he usually assigned as a winger or attacking midfielder, and even played as a second striker.

Giovani has been described as a “smart” and “sharp” player who was able to score goals and create opportunities for his team-mates.

When dressed in the Catalan team, Giovani scored a hat-trick against Murcia in La Liga on 17 May 2008. The hat-trick in 33 minutes ensured victory for Barcelona and changed how the eyes of the world see him as.

But unfortunately, during his debut season in the main squad of Barcelona, he failed to shine because the confidence of his coach, Frank Rijkaard, during the 2007/08 season was only paid with four goals in 37 appearances in all competitions. A poor achievement for a club as big as Barcelona.

In fact, in that season, Giovani was mentored directly by his idol and senior, Ronaldinho. However, when Pep Guardiola came, the two were eliminated.

Giovani was released to Tottenham Hotspurs. Spurs initially thought they were getting a windfall as a talented wonder-kid who was predicted to be the ‘New Ronaldinho’ joined them. But less than half the season, Spurs fans realized that they could not expect much from this Mexican player.

After one season and only scoring 1 goal from 12 appearances for Spurs, Giovani spent time on loan at Ipswich Town, a lower caste club. In a row, he was then loaned out to Galatasaray and Racing Santander. When his contract expired in 2012, he decided to return to Spain to strengthen Real Mallorca.

The player who had strengthened the Mexican national team for 104 times has once recovered his career with Villarreal. Together with The Yellow Submarine, Giovani showed the best performance of his life, scoring 18 goals in 74 matches. He even had a season to work with his sister who is also a fellow alumnus of La Masia, Jonathan dos Santos.

Yet surprisingly, Giovani chose to move to the United States in 2015. He accepted the Los Angeles Galaxy offer, joining famous names that strengthened the club, such as Robbie Keane and Steven Gerrard.

But in his fourth season with the club David Beckham had defended, LA Galaxy fans began to think that Giovani was actually not special. Giovani only collected 22 goals for three and a half years with LA Galaxy.

With the joining of Jonathan dos Santos, Ashley Cole, and finally Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Giovani’s name was slowly sinking. His contribution was considered not in accordance with his flashy experience in Europe.

Based on a survey conducted by ESPN in early 2018, Giovani was chosen as the most overrated player in Major League Soccer (MLS). According to the observers, the American media overrated this player based on his experience playing in Barcelona and Tottenham Hotspur instead of his appearance in MLS.

The critical observers also consider that Giovani was maintained by the Galaxy for a long time only to attract the Mexican community which was indeed quite big in Los Angeles. However, at the level of the game, he was considered far below the MLS stars like David Villa and Sebastian Giovinco.

Throughout his career, the player who is now 30 years old did not even win a trophy with the club he defended. But he covered his failure through his achievements with the Mexican national team. He was recorded as successfully delivered El Tri to win three Concacaf gold trophies.

Since being a player who was expected to be the next Ronaldinho in Barcelona, ​​Giovani is now playing in the Mexican league with American Club in his productive age. His career is coming down as he could not meet people’s expectations.

6 Pemain Yang Diinginkan Messi Untuk Bergabung FC Bacelona

Lionel Messi menganggap musim FC Barcelona sedikit mengecewakan. Bagaimana tidak, target meraih treble musim ini harus kandas dengan cara yang bisa dibilang tak terfikirkan.

Karena ingin La Blaugrana melakukan perombakan cukup signifikan, Lionel Messi ingin enam pemain ini mendarat di Camp Nou musim depan. Penasaran siapa saja? Berikut starting eleven berikan daftarnya.

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Barcelona Alami Krisis, Siapa Yang Harus Disalahkan?

FC Barcelona telah mengubur mimpinya dalam-dalam untuk meraih treble musim ini. Setelah takluk dari Liverpool di ajang Liga Champions Eropa, kini Barcelona kembali tersungkur oleh perlawanan Valencia di final Copa del Rey 2018/19.

Dalam laga yang dihelat di Estadio Villamarin, Los Murcielagos menang dengan skor 2-1 berkat gol Kevin Gameiro dan Rodrigo Moreno.

Dengan hanya meraih titel La Liga, Gerard Pique menyebut kalau Barcelona telah menutup musim dengan sangat mengecewakan.

“Ini adalah tahun yang baik karena liga dimenangkan, tetapi harapan beberapa minggu lalu adalah untuk membuat tahun yang lebih baik,”

“Kami pergi dengan rasa pahit yang semestinya jauh lebih baik.”

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Punahnya Filosofi Permainan FC Barcelona

Barcelona merupakan salah satu tim terbaik dunia saat ini. Sejak dibela oleh pemain seperti Ronaldinho, Samuel Eto’o, hingga Thierry Henry, La Blaugrana selalu setia menampilkan permainan ofensif nan indah.

Namun akhir-akhir ini, pola dan gaya bermain Los Cules mulai luntur. Sejak mendatangkan pelatih benama Ernesto Valverde, Barcelona tak lagi memainkan pola penguasaan bola.

Pelatih berusia 55 tahun itu bahkan berujar jika ia lebih tertarik untuk memainkan permainan membosankan namun menang, daripada harus bermain indah namun belum tentu memenangkan pertandingan.

Baginya, penguasaan bola tidak terlalu penting. Ia lebih suka mengemban gaya pendekatan pragmatis yang meredam lawan dan memberi mereka sedikit ruang.

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Selamat Jalan Legenda! Inilah Momen-Momen Terbaik Xavi Hernandez Sepanjang Karier

Xavi Hernandez telah memutuskan pensiun pada akhir musim ini. Tercatat, Xavi telah merumput di lapangan hijau selama 20 tahun, 9 bulan, dan dua hari. Baru-baru ini, mantan pemain FC Barcelona ini telah memainkan laga terakhirnya bersama Al Sadd. Namun pada laga melawan Persepolis, Al Sadd harus menyerah dengan skor 0-2.

Xavi sendiri bergabung dengan Al Saad pada 2015 lalu. Sebelumnya, pemain berusia 39 tahun ini telah menjalani masa-masa indah saat bermain di Stadion Camp Nou. Bersama klub Catalan, pemain bernomor punggung 6 ini telah jalani 17 musim dan memberikan 22 gelar bergengsi.

Pada proses perpisahannya, Xavi mengatakan,

“Aku telah mengumumkan kabar pensiunku dari dunia sepak bola. Aku berterima kasih kepada seluruh penggemar dan aku akan memulai sebuah era baru.”

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Alasan Mengapa Antoine Griezmann Akan Sangat Cocok Di Barcelona

Transfer musim panas kali ini akan menjadi menarik setelah beberapa pemain besar memutuskan pergi dari klubnya masing-masing. Salah satu yang menjadi perhatian adalah pengumuman kepergian Antoine Griezmann dari Atletico Madrid.

Pemain berpaspor Prancis itu akhirnya memutuskan untuk meninggalkan tim yang telah lama membesarkannya, Atletico, pada akhir musim ini. Sebuah pesan perpisahan kepada Atletico pun telah disampaikan Griezmann lewat sebuah unggahan di akun Twitter pribadinya.

Setelah kabar itu mulai mencuat, beberapa klub khususnya FC Barcelona terus dikaitkan dengan sang pemain. Kabar tersebut pun semakin berhembus kencang setelah Griezmann menyatakan telah setuju pergi ke Catalan dan ingin bermain dengan Lionel Messi.

Meski begitu, Barcelona masih menahan rumor yang terus beredar. La Blaugrana menegaskan tak akan membahas transfer pemain hingga selepas final Copa del Rey.

Untuk mendapatkan Griezmann, Barca harus menebus klausul lepas pemain asal Prancis itu. Nominalnya cukup tinggi, mencapai 122 juta euro atau setara 1,9 triliun rupiah.

Pelatih Barca, Ernesto Valverde, pun sudah mengakui bahwa memang sudah ada kontak dengan Atletico untuk membahas transfer Griezmann.

Transfer Griezmann menuju Barcelona pun dirasa cocok. Mengapa? Berikut starting eleven berikan penjelasannya.

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