Bojan Krkic – The Next Lionel Messi, whose career has been sinking

At about 12 years ago, Bojan Krkic was popularly called as the next Lionel Messi in Barcelona; Bojan came to the surface after three years of the appearance of Lionel Messi in 2004. His height, playing style, and position are all the same, so no one can avoid the comparison between the two.

Bojan has skills, dribbles, and playing skills that are above the average of his age players. At the age of 15, Bojan became the top scorer of the 2006 Under-17 European Championship and a year later, he scored the decisive goal that put the Spanish national team won in the same tournament.

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The Day when Lionel Messi Made Argentine Players Cry

It cannot be denied if Lionel Messi is one of the best players in history. Several trophies that filled his cupboard might continue to increase. Starting from the individual trophy to the trophy won by the club he defended. FC Barcelona proved that Messi should not be underestimated.

But it feels inappropriate if we only talk about the trophy at the club level since most people think that a great new player should have an extraordinary impact on the club and the country.

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Why did Barcelona break Messi’s relationship with Ronaldinho & Deco?

Football lovers, who still remember a player named Alxandr Hleb? The Fans of the London Cannon Team, Arsenal, must remember this blond-haired player, right?

It’s no wonder that Arsenal becomes the peak point of this Belarussian player’s career. He was recorded to have won the award as Arsenal’s best player for three years in a row, which is in 2006, 2007, until 2008.

Considered as a prominent player in the Gunners, Hleb managed to impress the Spanish giants, FC Barcelona, ​​which at that time was being coached by Pep Guardiola.

Exactly in 2008, Arsenal let Hleb go after Barcelona redeemed him with a dowry of 15 million euros or 240 billion rupiahs.

However, instead of feeling happy joining the best club in the world, Hleb regretted his moving. He even said that moving to Barcelona was a mistake.

His career sank. He never maximized his potential because he mostly sat on the bench during a match. He was instead, getting loaned more often during the Camp Nou.

After several loans, Hleb finally went to the Krylia Sovetov Samara club in 2012.

But anyway, we will not be discussing Hleb’s regret for joining FC Barcelona. Instead, we will talk about the bad behavior of two former La Blaugrana players, Deco and Ronaldinho, who was revealed by Hleb!

Some time ago, Hleb who was being interviewed by a TV channel in Belarus revealed a quite shocking fact.

According to him, Deco and Ronaldinho are players with bad manners. He was grateful after knowing that they were transferred by Barcelona in 2008.

Hleb said that Ronaldinho and Deco are players who like to drink alcoholic beverages. They often get drunk before coming to the training camp.

During the interview, Hleb said,

“Ronaldinho and Deco often come to training drunk,”

Because of that bad habit, the club immediately intended to release both of them.

Furthermore, there are other reasons why Barcelona desperately wanted to sell the two players. It was apparently because the club does not want Deco or Ronaldinho to “affect” Lionel Messi with negative things.

Lionel Messi? Right.

You must already know that Lionel Messi had a very close relationship with Deco and Ronaldinho.

For those who don’t know, Lionel Messi considered Deco and Ronaldinho as “guardian angels”. This Argentine striker admitted that Deco and Ronaldinho had greatly helped him adapt to the main team of FC Barcelona.

Even more, when no one wanted to chat with Messi, Deco and Ronaldinho became the two players who greeted him first. Well, thanks to the two players, Lionel Messi appeared confidently like a champion.

One thing which proves that they have a close relationship is when Lionel Messi decided to wear number 30 on his jersey in Barcelona. At that time, Messi wore the number as he was inspired by the “two guardian angels”.

When I was in FC Barcelona, ​​Deco wore a jersey number 20. While Ronaldinho, the player with his nicknamed as The Smiling Player, wore a shirt number 10. Thus, when they were combined, it became 30.

If you still don’t believe how close their relationship is. There is another strong evidence we can reveal.

When Ronaldinho left Barcelona, ​​he wanted to leave his number 10 jersey for Messi. Because Ronaldinho believed that Messi would surpass his achievements in Barcelona.

So, guys, for those reasons of relationship, Barcelona were afraid to keep both Deco and Ronaldinho.

Like what Hleb said, Barcelona decided to sell them because they did not want Messi to be influenced by their negative behavior.

This was not the first time during his career that Ronaldinho had been accused of being drunk. American journalist, Dave Martinez, who had written for the Guardian, previously told a story about why Ronaldinho had never joined the New York Red Bulls.

Apparently, when the team talked to Ronaldinho on the phone about the possibility of moving to America, he was actually “drunk”. They immediately lost the interest to have an agreement with him.

Besides getting drunk, women also became Ronaldinho’s favorite. This player, who was identical with his number 10, had dated many women, from a model to a TV presenter. Even Ronaldinho also admitted that he often had sex before the match began.

While Deco, he did not have a record as bad as Ronaldinho. But when he was in Barcelona’s uniform, he often roamed the night with his best friend, Ronaldinho. Even after the match against Real Zaragoza in April 2007, both chose to go home in their own car.

They did not go to the hotel with their team and chose to have fun by themselves instead.

This incident was assumed to be the first incident that started their indiscipline attitudes to be shown.

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What’s With the Argentine National Team?

Argentina, which was again reinforced by Lionel Messi unexpectedly had to recognize the superiority of Venezuela with a score of 1-3 in an international friendly match held at Wanda Metropolitano, Madrid, sometimes ago. Lionel Messi and his colleagues were unable to do much and had to surrender to be hit by three goals from the opposing team.

This defeat resulted in many questions. What really happened to the Argentine National Team?

Assigned as a substitute of the god of football, Diego Maradona, Lionel Messi is unable to perform optimally under the banner of Team Tango. He is not as brilliant as when he was wearing a jersey of FC Barcelona. His magic was faded away and raised many questions.

Is all the deterioration of the Argentine National Team pinned on Lionel Messi’s shoulder? It does not seem so.

It is true that the appearance of Lionel Messi in the Argentine national team was not as good as when he grazed on El Barca. The Tango Country’s football legend, Daniel Passarella, even mentioned that there was something wrong with La Pulga every time defending Albiceleste. He called Messi as a different player than he appeared in Barcelona.

“Messi is a great player who can give a lot to every team he supports,”

“But when Messi played for Barcelona, his attitude looked different. He played much better there. Sometimes things like that do happen in football. You play well for the team and they love you, but on the other hand, you feel discomfort and something does not seem right,”

“I don’t know what it is, but it is clear that it was something that you or Messi felt from the heart,”

But back again, it was unfair if all Argentina’s inability to win is only blamed on Messi. As you already know, there are big names like Aguero, Di Maria, Higuain, or even talented player like Paulo Dybala.

Although famous with their respective clubs, in fact, they were unable to bring Argentina to fly high. In the White Bear Country, Argentina must be defeated by the French national team which eventually win the championship trophy. The Tango team conquered the Rooster Team with a score of 3-4 in the Round of 16 of the 2018 World Cup.

Worse yet, Argentina must carve a bad record of defeat. Argentina felt their first time defeat despite scoring three goals. That record is a record in 430 overall competitive games.

Not only that, but Argentina also became the first team since the Soviet Union in 1986, which scored three goals on the World Cup stage, but failed to win. The defeat of France also added to the long row of negative records of Tango Team when they arrived at the European team.

Bad record is also not only experienced by Argentina in the 2018 World Cup title. In the qualification phase, they also did not look up to the point of being threatened not to appear in Russia. Of the 17 matches played, Argentina only scored 16 goals or the second least from Bolivia which scored 14 goals during qualifying.

Having a lot of quality players just made the Argentine coach at that time confused. These advantages cannot be mixed well by Jorge Sampaoli. He was having trouble forming the right formation for Argentina.

Seeing his country has no authority in the eyes of the world, Diego Maradona is angry. He said if all the players did not deserve to wear the historic jersey of the National Tango. Maradona who was disappointed then said,

“I am a very Argentinian and I feel like I am part of a different group of players and coaches. I know Oscar Ruggeri, Gabriel Batistuta, Claudio Caniggia, and this team is very inappropriate to wear the costume,”

Although angry, Maradona also did not want to blame Lionel Messi. He instead asked the FC Barcelona player to ignore all criticism. Because defeat is not his fault. According to the legend, the Argentine national team is indeed bad.

According to the observations of football lovers, who deserves the responsibility for the downfall of the Argentine National Team?

Why won’t Lionel Messi leave FC Barcelona?

Some time ago, FC Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu revealed that he hoped that Lionel Messi would stay at Camp Nou forever. Lionel Messi is 32 years old and two years ago signed a contract until 2021. But Bartomeu had planned to re-offer a new contract containing a contract extension.
“We want him to have a very long career so that we can continue to enjoy it. Lionel managed to break the boundary. Everyone admires him and he gets applause at other stadiums from rival’s supporters,”

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Real Betis Fans’ Treatment Proved that Lionel Messi is a Genius

Lionel Messi became one of the best players in the history of the football world. This agile man from Argentina has given many trophies to the team he defended. Not only that, but he also has accumulated many individual titles that are no less prestigious.

His quality is proven again in the match against Real Betis. The Spanish League 28th match between Real Betis against Barcelona, which was held at Benito Villamarin Stadium, ended with a score of 1-4. Lionel Messi’s hat trick and a goal from Luis Suarez could only be scored by Loren Moron.

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Lionel Messi, The Best Player of The World Who becomes The World Cup-“Anti”

This man named Lionel Messi.

One night, Ernesto Valverde could not stop staring at him. Many thoughts flashed through his mind by the time he looked at a player in his team, Lionel Messi.

During his time as a coach in Spain, including when he coached Athletic Bilbao, he had heard and felt many wonders and magical things carried out by players from Rosario, Argentina. In his memory, it was clearly displayed how Messi made the Bilbao defense organized just like that.

“I don’t know what I have to say about Messi. He is an extraordinary player with a high level of intelligence. “

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One Thing that makes it difficult for Hazard to reach in Messi and Ronaldo’s levels

Talking about the world’s best soccer players, many of us will mention Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar, even Mbappe. These players are considered to have the most skills and classy achievements to become the world’s best players. But there is one special name that deserves to be aligned with the stars who is Eden Hazard.

Then, why can’t Hazard be considered as good as Messi and Ronaldo?

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