Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s Most Controversial Statement for a Football Player

The former star of the Swedish national team who now strengthens LA Galaxy, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, recently criticized the United States league system or Major League Soccer. According to him, the system in MLS was very chaotic.

“I think the system is chaotic. How can you learn mentally if you only need to reach the playoffs?” Said Ibra.

Moreover, Ibra also mentioned the play-off system that applies in MLS, as garbage. According to Ibra, the system that had been conducted was unfair, especially for the top teams.

The policy that MLS championship determination is determined through the final play-offs made Ibra felt that the struggles of the highest-ranked teams felt useless because, in the end, they would play against lower-ranked teams.

“You just need to win the play-offs, and that’s all. The results in every game are important, but here, if you are in seventh place, you make a playoff and win, you are the champion, “

“For me, the mentality is training the way you play every day. But with the MLS system, how can you make that mentality in your toes 24 hours? This is very difficult,” Ibra added (quoted from the old Goal)

These are not the only controversial statements uttered by Ibrahimovic. This player indeed often said harsh words, even he was fine if he had to be sanctioned for his statement.

Previously, this former MU striker also often made controversial words. Whether it’s about him personally or to something that was considered absurd to him.

If we take a look back, Ibra has many controversial statements. Even several well-known football figures have also been the subject of his controversial expressions.

Some time ago Ibra also said unpleasant words. He protested for being compared to Los Angeles FC player, Carlos Vela. Ibra then equalized himself to a Ferrari car.

The arrogant equalization was told to reporters who approached him after packing a hat-trick in the 21st week of the MLS Western Conference against Los Angels FC. Ibra gave his team a 3-2 lead over the visitors, while Carlos Vela scored two opposing goals.

One reporter then asked for Ibra’s response regarding Carlos Vela’s achievements which were later expected as strong candidates for the best MLS player this season.

But this 37-year-old striker claimed that he was the best MLS player and equalized himself to a Ferrari car while claiming Vela and other players as only on par with the Fiat manufacturer.

“I am like a Ferrari car between Fiat,” Ibrahimovic told reporters.

If you look at the statistics of this season in MLS, Carlos Vela was indeed superior to Ibra in terms of both goal numbers and assists.

“Just because Vela is at the peak of achievement, how old is he? Carlos Vela played in MLS when he was in his prime. When I was 29 years old, I played in Europe, that was a big difference,” said Ibra (Quoted from ESPN page).

Last year, Ibra also issued a controversial statement related to the Premier League. He was considered the top caste in the English League as a competition that many people like to exaggerate.

“The enthusiasm is very high, very intense, the speed is high, it’s good, but the quality is too exaggerated. Excessive in a technical point of view. But it has high speed and also intense. If you cannot overcome that, then you will not be safe,” said Ibra quoted from Fox Sports.

In the same year, Ibrahim also boasting about himself in a statement. He spoke that the World Cup without him was not interesting to watch.

“One thing is for sure, the World Cup without me would not be interesting to watch so there is no point in waiting for the event,” Ibra said (Quoted from US page)

The sentence came after he found out that he was not called by the Swedish national team who will compete in the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

Two years earlier, precisely in May 2016. Ibra also issued a statement that was quite controversial.

“I came as a king, then left as a legend,” (Quoted from the Telegraph page).

The sentence came after he ended his career with Paris Saint Germain. In that season, he underwent his fourth season at PSG and impressively scored 38 goals in Ligue 1. During the four seasons defending PSG since 2012, Ibra had scored 156 goals in 180 matches in all competitions.

When he set foot in Paris for the first time in 2012, Ibra also bragged,

“We are looking for an apartment. Or else, we will buy a hotel,” said Ibra at that time (Quoted from page France 24)

Another controversial statement also revealed by Ibra in 2010. The statement came from Ibra who did not like his tenure at Barcelona. At that time, he was not in line with his coach, Josep Guardiola.

“If you buy me, that means you buy a Ferrari and when you drive it, you have to fill it with premium gasoline. Pep Guardiola is like filling it with solar. He should just buy Fiat,” said Ibra. (Followed by Esquire)

Eric Cantona was once considered as the King of Manchester, even until he hung his shoes. As a MU legend, Cantona was happy with Ibrahimovic’s arrival at Old Trafford. However, Cantona did not want the title of King of Manchester to be taken by Ibrahimovic.

Cantona also hurriedly warned Ibrahimovic about being called the King of Manchester. Ibrahimovic reacted to Cantona’s statement regarding the claim of the King of Manchester.

“I admire Cantona and I hear what he said. I will not be the King of Manchester. I will become the God of Manchester. “

That comment came from Ibra’s mouth when he was brought in by Manchester United from PSG in 2016.

Well that’s all Football lovers, a series of controversial statements from Zlatan Ibrahimovic. There are certainly many other controversial statements from this Swedish legend.

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