The Biography of Robinho

Robson de Souza, or familiarly called Robinho, was born on January 25, 1984, in Sao Vicente, Sao Paulo, Brazil. He was born to Marina da Silva Souza and Gilvan de Souza. Robinho was born to a poor family. The environment he lived in was also classified as an area where most of his residents had low income.

Robinho’s father worked as a salesman. While his mother was a worker in a catering business. Robinho is very close to his parents. His father and mother continues to support and always gives advice.

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The Biography of Andrea Pirlo

Andrea Pirlo was born on May 19, 1979, in Flero, Italy. Pirlo was born to Luigi Pirlo and Livia Gatta. He has two brothers named Ivan and Silvia.

Pirlo was born to a wealthy family. It could even be said if he did not undergo the profession as a professional footballer, then he would still be able to live a luxurious life by continuing his family’s business. As it is known, his father is a reliable businessman. His father founded a metal company called Elg Steel in Brescia in 1982. Pirlo himself reportedly took part in the business.

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Why Do Many People Misinterpret Thiago Motta’s 2-7-2 Formation?

After retiring at the end of the last season, Thiago Motta has now become the Under-19 Paris Saint-Germain’s coach. He is responsible for preparing young people who will become the backbone of the main team.

In an interview with Gazzetta Dello Sport last week, the former Italian player spoke about his transition to a coaching career, as well as the philosophy of tactics that he will embrace. As a former defensive midfielder, it was not surprising when he mentioned that he would create a team with a tight formation in its defense.

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Osama Bin Laden: A Story of an International Criminal Who Loves Arsenal

Arsenal is one of the most popular football clubs in the world. Thus, it is a common thing for Arsenal if many football lovers admire this club in London. Their fans are even known to not only come from ordinary people. A famous rapper, Jay-Z also claimed that he was a lover of the Arsenal club.

Besides Jay-Z, there are other big names that also become part of the London cannon team fans, such as singer Dido, actor Tom Cruise, Queen Band Group, until several politicians such as Rwandan President Paul Kagame, Prince Harry, and Leader Cuba Fidel Castro. Believe it or not, the Al-Qaeda leader named Osama Bin Laden also claimed that he was an Arsenal fan.

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Why does Marouane Fellaini often become The Hero of United?

In the latest European Champions League match, Marouane Fellaini scored in the last minute of the game against Young Boys which ended up in a victory. The goal was to ensure that Manchester United was qualified for the big 16 matches, which will be held in February. In the previous match against Juventus, the touch of Fellaini’s hair resulted in an own Juventus goal, which made United steal a victory in Turin.

Fellaini often determines United’s victory at the end of the match. How come a player who can only use his height can be very useful for the Red Devils?

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The Origin of Yellow and Red Cards

Football lovers would know exactly what the function of yellow cards and red cards are. Besides giving a warning, the yellow and red cards also function as the signs which were directed to the players. Thus, these two cards will at least prevent the brutal actions of football players.

But judging by the initial appearance, do the two cards appear simultaneously with the birth of football? The answer is no. Yellow and red cards have their own history.

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The Biography of Jurgen Klopp

Jurgen Norbert Klopp, born on January 26, 1963, in Stuttgart, Germany. He was born to Norbert Klopp and Elisabeth Klopp. The young Klopp grew in the village of Black Forest, Glatten, Germany, along with his two older sisters.

His father is a former amateur footballer. However, he died at the age of 68 because of cancer. Klopp felt very sad because one of his most inspiring people could not see his success as a coach.

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The Biography of Steven Gerrard

Steve George Gerrard, born on May 30, 1980, in Whiston, Merseyside. He was born to Paul Gerrard and Julie Ann Gerrard. When he was born, Gerrard had a disability in his leg. His legs were bent and caused him to be difficult to walk. After undergoing a series of treatments, he could return to walk normally.

Little Gerrard started playing football at the age of 5. He has an extraordinary desire to cultivate the ball. At that time, Gerrard really liked Everton. He often played near Goodison Park and took photos several times at the stadium.

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The Day When Zlatan Ibrahimovic Made England Speechless

For years, the British public along with the mainstream British media doubted Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s abilities. He was indeed capable of scoring spectacular goals, but he never really became a sharp striker. Until 2012, his record against the English club was only three goals in 15 matches, all of them at Arsenal. Even with the national team, Ibra failed to score any goal against England.

However, everything changed on November 14, 2012. That day, Ibra showed a performance that no one would be able to repeat what he did on the field.

At that time, England’s coach, Roy Hodgson, intended to introduce several young players such as Steven Caulker and Wilfried Zaha. The match also marked the opening of the Friends Arena Stadium. For the Swedish public, this match was expected to start a new era of brighter Swedish football, especially after they finish the caretaker at Euro 2012.

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The Biography of Pep Guardiola

Pep Guardiola Sala, born on January 18, 1971, in Santpedor, Spain. This Capricorn man was born to Valenti Guardiola and Dolors Sala Guardiola. Pep has two older sisters and one younger brother.

He did not embrace any trust. Thus, he is an atheist. Although most Spaniards are Catholic, Pep prefers to be part of a quarter of Spanish people who do not believe in Religion.

Since his childhood, Pep has loved football very much. He often played wherever and whenever there was an opportunity to do it. He also channeled his love for football by being a goal boy at local football matches.

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