What’s With the Argentine National Team?

Argentina, which was again reinforced by Lionel Messi unexpectedly had to recognize the superiority of Venezuela with a score of 1-3 in an international friendly match held at Wanda Metropolitano, Madrid, sometimes ago. Lionel Messi and his colleagues were unable to do much and had to surrender to be hit by three goals from the opposing team.

This defeat resulted in many questions. What really happened to the Argentine National Team?

Assigned as a substitute of the god of football, Diego Maradona, Lionel Messi is unable to perform optimally under the banner of Team Tango. He is not as brilliant as when he was wearing a jersey of FC Barcelona. His magic was faded away and raised many questions.

Is all the deterioration of the Argentine National Team pinned on Lionel Messi’s shoulder? It does not seem so.

It is true that the appearance of Lionel Messi in the Argentine national team was not as good as when he grazed on El Barca. The Tango Country’s football legend, Daniel Passarella, even mentioned that there was something wrong with La Pulga every time defending Albiceleste. He called Messi as a different player than he appeared in Barcelona.

“Messi is a great player who can give a lot to every team he supports,”

“But when Messi played for Barcelona, his attitude looked different. He played much better there. Sometimes things like that do happen in football. You play well for the team and they love you, but on the other hand, you feel discomfort and something does not seem right,”

“I don’t know what it is, but it is clear that it was something that you or Messi felt from the heart,”

But back again, it was unfair if all Argentina’s inability to win is only blamed on Messi. As you already know, there are big names like Aguero, Di Maria, Higuain, or even talented player like Paulo Dybala.

Although famous with their respective clubs, in fact, they were unable to bring Argentina to fly high. In the White Bear Country, Argentina must be defeated by the French national team which eventually win the championship trophy. The Tango team conquered the Rooster Team with a score of 3-4 in the Round of 16 of the 2018 World Cup.

Worse yet, Argentina must carve a bad record of defeat. Argentina felt their first time defeat despite scoring three goals. That record is a record in 430 overall competitive games.

Not only that, but Argentina also became the first team since the Soviet Union in 1986, which scored three goals on the World Cup stage, but failed to win. The defeat of France also added to the long row of negative records of Tango Team when they arrived at the European team.

Bad record is also not only experienced by Argentina in the 2018 World Cup title. In the qualification phase, they also did not look up to the point of being threatened not to appear in Russia. Of the 17 matches played, Argentina only scored 16 goals or the second least from Bolivia which scored 14 goals during qualifying.

Having a lot of quality players just made the Argentine coach at that time confused. These advantages cannot be mixed well by Jorge Sampaoli. He was having trouble forming the right formation for Argentina.

Seeing his country has no authority in the eyes of the world, Diego Maradona is angry. He said if all the players did not deserve to wear the historic jersey of the National Tango. Maradona who was disappointed then said,

“I am a very Argentinian and I feel like I am part of a different group of players and coaches. I know Oscar Ruggeri, Gabriel Batistuta, Claudio Caniggia, and this team is very inappropriate to wear the costume,”

Although angry, Maradona also did not want to blame Lionel Messi. He instead asked the FC Barcelona player to ignore all criticism. Because defeat is not his fault. According to the legend, the Argentine national team is indeed bad.

According to the observations of football lovers, who deserves the responsibility for the downfall of the Argentine National Team?

The day when Luis Suarez almost joined Arsenal

It is undeniable that Luis Suarez is one of the ferocious attackers who has played for FC Barcelona. His presence on the field is a separate spotlight for football lovers. Although often involved in controversial matters, the achievements achieved by players from Uruguay are no less brilliant.

Starting his career through many steep roads, Suarez finally landed in Europe when he joined the Dutch Eredivisie club, Groningen. When joining the club, Suarez was still 19 years old. His fellow Uruguay teammate, Bruno Silva, helped him settle in the Netherlands and play for his new team. Suarez also worked very hard to learn Dutch.

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Why Football Players Shave their Leg-hairs

Feet is one of the most important parts for football players. Besides kicking the ball, the feet also become a place where ordinary feathers owned by men grow. However, feathers that grow on the legs do not seem to be liked by most of the world’s footballers.

Just say Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Neymar Jr., and Eden Hazard. They shaved the hair on their feet. But why do these players remove them?

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Why did Coutinho refuse to return to the Premier League?

Philipe Coutinho appeared so extraordinary when he was in Liverpool. He often becomes the mainstay of the team and often scores goals. His brilliant performance on the field of success attracted the interest of the Spanish giants, FC Barcelona. At that time, Barcelona had confirmed Coutinho’s transfer via social media and his official website. Coutinho has signed a 5.5-year contract with a release clause of 400 million euros.

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How Rooney & Ronaldo Become a Goal Seeker

Talking about the deadliest duet in the world, Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo once graced the ranks of top players when they were still in uniform at Manchester United. Coming to Old Trafford with a magical teenage status, Ronaldo was immediately put on a trade to become United’s future star.

A year later, Manchester United returned a talented teenager from England, Wayne Rooney. With a dowry worth 25 million euros, Rooney is officially wears uniform in red demons. Sir Alex Ferguson, United’s manager at the time, said that “there were many eyebrows raised” when he persuaded the club’s board of directors to bring Rooney from Everton. However, Sir Alex’s trust in Rooney paid off. The teenager appeared so brilliant and was on the list of future red devil players.

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Why Juventus becomes The Most-Hated Club Among Italian Football Fans?

Juventus is the most successful team in Italy. The team, whose nickname is The Old Lady, has collected more than 30 Scudetto titles. Its domination was also quite extraordinary as in recent times, Juve has become the only Italian ruler because they have won the Serie A for seven consecutive seasons. For this season itself, the Scudetto title is considered to be in the grip.

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Racism Continues to Worsen The World of Football

Some time ago, the world of football was stirred by racist treatment received by the young Juventus players, Moise Kean, in the match against Cagliari. At that time, Kean reportedly got racist treatment every time this 19-year-old attacker held the ball. Because of that, when Juventus scored the second goal on 85 minutes, Kean celebrated right in front of the Cagliari supporters’ hardline.

The racist issue in Italy has never ended. In mid-January 2019, Napoli’s defender, Kalidou Koulibaly also received a racist song when he visited Inter Milan’s headquarters. For such behavior of the supporters, La Beneamata had to undergo two Italian League home matches without being accompanied by spectators.

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The Day When Neymar Really Hates Football

Neymar is one of the popular names in the world of football. The player who is now playing for a French club, Paris Saint Germain, is known as a person who is good at dodging the ball. He has the skill and speed above average. But behind his profession as a football player, Neymar had experienced something very painful.

In fact, the incident made the 27-year-old player really hated football.

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Pique’s Cruelest Prank Story To Patrice Evra

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Pique is a Barcelona defender who had strengthened Manchester United in mid-2004 to 2008. He landed in Manchester after being redeemed from the La Masia academy. There are 23 matches in all competitions played by Pique while in the uniform of the Red Devils. The amount of his performance made Blaugrana interested in returning Pique.

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